Wednesday, February 16, 2011


"He Lives In Me" from Disney's The Lion King has truly been a ministry to my soul lately...
Last week was the most amazing week of my life coupled with the most devastating news anyone could ever receive.  Thanks to a cousin's Facebook status posting, I was made aware of the DEATH of MY FATHER..........

DUCCANER KIZART (August 6, 1950 - February 9, 2011) was no king.  But, for whatever he was or wasn't, HE WAS MINE... and the only earthly father I will ever know.  I THANK GOD FOR HIM.  I see his face in mine... My reflection calls out to him... These high cheek bones, the dimple in my chin, my once crooked teeth (Thanks Dr. Jeff), my once impaired vision (Thanks Dr. Niksarli), and my once unattractive walk (Thanks Barbizon, Pageants, & "LIFE" :)  are/were ALL him LOL :)

My Mother fondly shares this story often...
They once had argument, and to get back at him, she spewed, "...and that's why Takesha isn't even yours!"  My Father retorted, "She may not be YOURS, but she CERTAINLY is MINE!!!"  HAHAHAHA :)  That was MY DADDY :)  Up until about the 4th Grade, He was a pretty great Dad...  an active parent, a protector, a disciplinarian, a good cook, a comedian!!!!!!! :)

I have been performing since the age of 2 and my father only attended one performance... NOW, he is there for each and every moment because HE LIVES IN ME....  "Wait!  There's no mountain too great... hear these words and HAVE FAITH!!!"  My faith is strong in God, for I know HE HOLDS MY FUTRE... and I claim ALL of the blessings God has in store!!! :)

THANK YOU, JoAnn Morganfield-Kizart-Williams, MY BEAUTIFUL & HIGHLY BLESSED MOTHER.  God knew just what He was doing when He blessed me with YOU.  I have NEVER had to question your love for me, and for that I am ETERNALLY THANKFUL.  ...and thanks for balancing out that "Duccaner" with "JoAnn".  These wide eyes and joy of life are ALL YOU :)

TO MY FAMILY (yes, that includes you too, Ezell :), YOU MORGANFIELD'S ROCK!!!!!!!!!!   ...and to My Love, Nicholas Ryan Few, you are a God-send.  I LOVE YOU ALL... I see you, hear you, feel you, and KNOW THAT I AM LOVED.  

Thanks to EVERYONE for the encouragement, prayers, and support!!!

To my siblings, Shannon, Duccaner II, and Duccaner III...
let us adopt Our Father's "good", learn from his "bad", and never forget that we are loved.

For me, I have NO regrets...
I savored the precious moments I had with him.  I last saw him during Thanksgiving, spoke to him shortly before he passed, and sent him a bit of money which he cashed 2 days before his death.  He knew I loved him, and He made sure I knew he loved me.  But, more importantly, he died knowing that GOD LOVED HIM!!!


Be blessed...

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